Constraint Solving by Martine Ceberio

Classical constraint programming systems are helpless when the constraints system to solve has no solution. Most of the times, only a “no solution” message is provided download google drive backup. The user is left alone to find out why there was no solution: is it because of the problem itself (no solution exists)? a bad modeling? a bug in the solver Download snake for free? etc.

In such a situation, soft constraints can help (see our tutorial on soft constraints). However, to better understand the situation and possibly resolve it, it might help to know which subset of the original set of constraints led to the unexpected situation Download synonym.

Explanations constitute a promising way for providing such an information, where an explanation is a set of constraints that justify an action of the solver (value removal, bound update, contradiction) photoshop elements 9 free german full.

Some of the people involved in e-programming are: