Constraint Solving by Martine Ceberio

Here are a few books that you might find interesting.

Principles of Constraint Programming

Author: Krzysztof Apt

Pub muss man elster herunterladen. Date: August 2003


ISBN-13: 9780521825832 | ISBN-10: 0521825830


Constraints are everywhere: most computational problems can be described in terms of restrictions imposed on the set of possible solutions, and constraint programming is a problem-solving technique that works by incorporating those restrictions in a programming environment bloody platin herunterladen. It draws on methods from combinatorial optimisation and artificial intelligence, and has been successfully applied in a number of fields from scheduling, computational biology, finance, electrical engineering and operations research through to numerical analysis download video lite. This textbook for upper-division students provides a thorough and structured account of the main aspects of constraint programming. The author provides many worked examples that illustrate the usefulness and versatility of this approach to programming, as well as many exercises throughout the book that illustrate techniques, test skills and extend the text herunterladen. Pointers to current research, extensive historical and bibliographic notes, and a comprehensive list of references will also be valuable to professionals in computer science and artificial intelligence herunterladen.

Essentials of Constraint Programming

Authors: Thom Frühwirth, Slim Abdennadher

Pub Download lego city games for free. Date: April 2003


ISBN: 978-3-540-67623-2


The book is a short, concise and complete presentation of constraint programming and reasoning download far cry 4. The use of constraints had its scientific and commercial breakthrough in the 1990s. Programming with constraints makes it possible to model and solve problems with uncertain, incomplete information and combinatorial problems, as they are abundant in industry and commerce, such as scheduling, planning, transportation, resource allocation, layout, design and analysis herunterladen. The theoretically well-founded presentation includes application examples from real life. It introduces the common classes of constraint programming languages and constraint systems in a uniform way Download yabeat app. Constraint solving algorithms are specified and implemented in the constraint handling rules language (CHR).

Recent Advances In Constraints

Authors: Oddi, Angelo; Fages, François; Rossi, Francesca (Eds.)

Pub ls17 kostenlos herunterladen. Date: 2009

147 pp

ISBN: 978-3-642-03250-9


This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed and extended post-workshop proceedings of the 13th Annual ERCIM International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Constraint Logic Programming, CSCLP 2008, held in Rome, Italy, in June 2008.

The 9 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 14 initial submissions. The papers in this volume present original research results, as well as applications, in many aspects of constraint solving and constraint logic programming. Research topics that can be found in the papers are 1rst-order constraints, symmetry breaking, global constraints, constraint optimization problems, distributed constraint solving problems, soft constraints, as well as the analysis of application domains such as cumulative resource problems and hybrid systems.